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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to www.dinapalagroup.com, the online purchasing gateway for Dinapala Group (Sri Lanka). The dinapalagroup.com provides services to its valued customers subject to the following conditions. Please read and accept the under mentioned conditions and guidelines carefully before you use the services of the website.

Product information at www.dinapalagroup.com web site

The dinapalagroup.com attempts to be as accurate as possible of information displayed in the site. However, www.dinapalagroup.com does not guarantee that product descriptions or other contents of this site are 100% accurate, complete, reliable or completely free of errors. If a product offered by www.dinapalagroup.com is not as described on its website, a customer’s sole remedy is to return it in unused condition within two days of delivery. If there is any external damage to the package, you should check it when the item is handed over. Any item will not be accepted due to any external damages to the item with package damages or dents and only for internal technical in built fault.

Regarding the items sold through www.dinapalagroup.com, the price of an item can not be confirmed until customer orders the item. Even though every effort is made some items can be mispriced at a negligible probability. If the new price is higher than the mentioned price, we will not cancel or deliver the item without your confirmation about the new price, and all cancellation of items will be informed.

Even if delivery of the selected item is cancelled, www.dinapalagroup.com will not transfer your money back and you can buy any other available product upto the value of the previous item.

Product pricing

The price for all the items mentioned at www.dinapalagroup.com is the final and last price of sale via online.

Using www.dinapalagroup.com accounts

It’s a responsibility of users of this site to keep their passwords and other account information about www.dinapalagroup.com, and the computer used to log on confidentially. You are solely responsible for all the activities done via your www.dinapalagroup.com account or the password.

Dinapala group will not use information received from visitors through www.dinapalagroup.com for any purpose other than contacting visitors; and will not divulge information received to any third party, in any form.

Who can buy through www.dinapalagroup.com?

The www.dinapalagroup.com can be used by anyone with a valid credit card with the payment limit sufficient enough to buy the appropriate item and to buy any product available in the site.

Information gathered by www.dinapalagroup.com and the policy

All the information entered in to www.dinapalagroup.com in any way by the site visitors will be collected and stored. If certain visitors decide not to provide certain information they will not be able to acquire valuable advantages and features of this website. We use this vital information for quick and fruitful responses to your requests and communicating with you.

Information about our customers is important to us. We will treat it with utmost confidentiality and will not divulge it to others. We use customer information only as described below and with subsidiaries of www.dinapalagroup.com


The content of the www.dinapalagroup.com site is a property of Dinapala Group (Sri Lanka) and is protected under international copyright laws. The trade mark of www.dinapalagroup.com is a registered trade mark and the sole rights of changing, modifying or using this trade mark is with Dinapala Group (Sri Lanka). Anyone other than Dinapala Group who involves in changing, modifying or using this trade mark without written authorization of Dinapala Group (Sri Lanka) will be violating international copy rights laws.

Communication between you and www.dinapalagroup.com

When you visit the www.dinapalagroup.com site or communicating with www.dinapalagroup.com via e-mails, you are considered as communicating with www.dinapalagroup.com. This permits www.dinapalagroup.com to send e-mails and communicate with you and you are deemed to agree to all terms and conditions, notices and other means of communications that we provide to you electronically, satisfying all legal requirements.

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