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Benice Facial Steamer-BNS-016

LKR 2,765.00
or 3 X LKR921.67 with Koko

30% off

LKR 9,950.00
or 3 X LKR3,316.67 with Koko
LKR 31,500.00
or 3 X LKR10,500.00 with Koko
LKR 4,250.00
or 3 X LKR1,416.67 with Koko

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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter LK87

LKR 3,000.00
or 3 X LKR1,000.00 with Koko
Out of stock
LKR 3,500.00
or 3 X LKR1,166.67 with Koko
Out of stock
LKR 2,950.00
or 3 X LKR983.33 with Koko
Out of stock
LKR 4,850.00
or 3 X LKR1,616.67 with Koko

11% off

Out of stock
LKR 330.00
or 3 X LKR110.00 with Koko
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LKR 110,950.00
or 3 X LKR36,983.33 with Koko

8.3% off

Out of stock
LKR 57,500.00
or 3 X LKR19,166.67 with Koko